Working in the education sector.

I have been working in the education sector for 9 years. I started doing childcare in year 11 and 12 at secondary/high school and progressed onto collage to do my 1,2 and 3 level in education. While doing placements at different nurseries and primary schools the staff at the establishments didnt treat me like part of the team, they treat me like a nusense and would talk about me behind my back, they would make me feel uncomfortable and anxious everytime I had to go on these placements. I compleated my collage course and then went onto being bank staff at a nursery but they kept promising they would give me a full time contract but then went back on thier word so I left to work for another nursery and now I have a part time contract and am enjoying working with children and dont feel anxuous anymore.


Symptoms of anxiety

I have been dealing with anxiety since I was 7 years old and have had some worrying and strange symptoms. When I feel anxious I start to hyperventilate, get a horrible feeling in my stomach, feeling sick, headaches and chest pain which is considered normal.

But when was 10 years old I started fainting and having fits, then I would have spasm in my back and necks which were very painful. As I’ve gotten older my eyes start to flick really fast and I get dizzy, I also get severe pain in my stomach. I have been on anxiety and depression tables most of my life but they don’t seem to work.

Please let me know what kind of symptoms you get dealing with anxiety?

Thank you!!!

Hello Everyone :)

Hi my name is Ashleigh Law, I am 23 years old. I work in a nursery setting and work with children from 2-4 years old. I supper from sever anxiety and depression, I will also be making YouTube videos about gaming, anxiety. I hope to blog about my life and the different experiences I’ve had so I can help people who are going through the same thing.

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Dealing with Anxiety

Hi, I’ve been suffering from anxiety since I was in primary school. It’s been getting worse for the past couple of years. It’s doesn’t matter what situation I am in, I can have an anxiety attack at any time. It generally starts off with me crying uncontrollably and  then I start to hyperventilate. The attack can last all day and sometimes even the next day. I am trying to find way of dealing with it but haven’t found anything yet.